Robert Labell (Guitar, Mandolin) 

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Instruments: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Mandolin

Styles: Beginners, Acoustic Rock, Classic Rock, Blues (Delta Blues, Country Blues), Fingerstyle, Bottleneck, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Theory & Harmony

Before he started teaching at Dave Sniders Music in 1984, Robert studied at Humber College Toronto. His instruction methods cover such styles as classic, contemporary and alternative rock. This also includes theory and reading music for students interested in these areas. His other guitar styles include Blues, Country, Folk, Fingerstyle and Bottleneck in the tradition of Ry Cooder, Leo Kottke, John Renbourne, Michael Hedges and John Fahey.

Recommended Listening:

Robert Johnson
The Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan
Leo Kotke
John Renbourne
Ry Cooder
Michael Hedges
John Fahey
Don Ross
Blind Blake

Acoustic guitar specialist, a legend at snider music who has been with us longer than any other teacher.

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