Luke Roberts (Guitar) 

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Our metal and shred guitar expert who can play it all and teach everything in between.

Instruments: Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Styles: Pop/Rock, Metal, Classic Rock, Theory, Young Beginners, Blues & Theory


Luke is a professional guitarist, composer, arranger, producer and teacher. He has 17 years of experience playing guitar and finished three years of jazz studies at Humber College.  He received honours from the Humber College jazz program in ear training and improvisation. He has also undergone additional studies in arranging, composing and music production. He has studied under and worked with such names as Ted Quinlan, Toni Zorzi, Al Kay, Hilario Duran, Brigham Phillips, John Macleod, Kirk MacDonald & Dave Restivo.


Luke tutors students individually and in groups (classes), considering each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses to develop their musical skills. He prepares lessons and exercises for each individual with a focus on technique, theory, and ear training.

Luke has a broad understanding of both conventional conservatory and jazz traditions but he is also in touch with modern music idioms. Keeping in mind that theory and ear training is important, he makes sure to balance that by teaching students songs they know and like. This allows each student to develop a personal connection to the instrument that will keep them from seeing music as a chore while still nurturing their talents. Promoting a positive attitude, high self esteem and good work ethics are key to keeping students on the path to musical development. Luke’s method of teaching considers every students individual needs.

Luke has been teaching since high school when he taught a guitar class at “City School High School” as a co-op. Since then he has taught at “Amadeus Music Academy”, “The Advanced School of Music and Dance” and “Allegro Music” as well as classes at “Bedford Park Jr Public School”.

Professional Experience

Luke has played lead and rhythm guitar in top 40/wedding bands throughout Ontario and Quebec.Luke also has played in many jazz, rock, pop, folk, blues, country ,fusion and world music groups throughout the years including Hilario Duran’s Latin band, Anthony Pinacci’s fusion band, the Aaron Amadeus band, the Charles James fusion band, The Great Collapse, the Womb, and Archaeon.

Luke has arranged compositions for 18 piece big bands, 16 piece string ensembles and smaller jazz ensembles.

He also composes and arranges for Toronto progressive metal sensation The Great Collapse and has produced and released a full length record that has sold copies worldwide.

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