Kyle Mcmurtry (Guitar, Bass) 

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Instruments: Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele

Styles: Classic Rock, Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Beginner’s Bass, Theory

Kyle has been playing the guitar for over 27 years, and has played in numerous groups ranging from Classical Guitar Ensembles to various Big Bands, from Dixieland to Rock, and from Alternative Rock to Jam Bands. He’s currently playing in a Classic Rock band called “The Beggars Waltz” that has a little dash of Celtic spice added to it.

SONY DSCA graduate of the Humber College Jazz Program, Kyle has studied with some of Toronto’s top Guitar instructors, such as Ted Quinlan, Tony Zorzi, and Rob Bulger to mention a few.

His style is a very eclectic mix and as Kyle puts it “It’s a Funky, Rocky, Twangy, Jazzy, Folksy …uh thingy a magigy?” What else can be expected when some of his guitar influences include Eddie Van Halen, Trey Anastasio, Robben Ford and Chet Atkins.

Kyle believes that music is the universal language and as is true with any language, anybody can learn it.

He firmly believes that the best way forsomeone to learn the guitar and music in general, is by teaching the student through the songs they currently listen to.Kyle feels this teaching style provides a much more enjoyable experience for his students and it helps to develop an easier learning curve for the student. It is his firm belief that music is meant to move you, uplift you emotionally, spiritually and most of all, music is to be ENJOYED!!!!










Kyle playing his Telecaster during New Years Eve 2013

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Check out a few of Kyle’s videos

In the video, Kyle McMurtry explains and demonstrates a great and simple finger exercise to help students achieve proper finger dexterity.  This is just a sample of what Kyle teaches to over 60 students a week here at Snider School Of Music.