Robert Labell

Robert Labell –

Acoustic guitar specialist, a legend at snider music who has been with us longer than any other teacher.

Instruments: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Mandolin.
Styles: Beginners, Acoustic Rock, Classic Rock, Blues (Delta Blues, Country Blues), Fingerstyle, Bottleneck, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Theory & Harmony.

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Brian McIntyre

Brian McIntyre

Brian McIntyre – area of specialty includes Rock, Theory, Counterpoint, Classic Rock, Metal, Shred, Blues, Intro Banjo, Uke and Bass Guitar (a perfect teacher for both beginners and advanced guitarists. Over 15 years experience with Snider Music)

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Jordan Saull

Jordan Saull

Our in-house jazz and classical guitar expert. A true academic who can teach and play it all.

Instruments: Acoustic, Electric & Classical. Styles: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Young Beginner’s and highly advanced students

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Kyle McMurtry

One of our young beginner’s specialists loves rock n’ roll, blues, and everything in between.

Styles: Classic Rock, Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Beginner’s Bass, Theory

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John Murray

A calm, patient approach to music lessons. a great teacher for all ages.

Styles: Jazz, Classical Guitar, Pop/Rock, Classic Rock, Theory, Intro Bass.

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Nick Cousins

Excellent, energetic teacher who can teach all styles to all ages…loves the Rolling Stones too!!

Instruments: Young Beginners, Blues, Pop/Rock, Classic Rock, Improvisation, Intro Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Theory, Harmony & Composition

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Glen Richardson

Teaches all ages, all levels and all styles of guitar.  Loves to sing-along and inspires everyone around him.

Styles: Gypsy Jazz – Django Style, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Classic Rock, Theory, Composition, Blues, Harmonica

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Jake Chisholm

Our in-house blues and singer/songwriter guitar expert – also heads up our Rock Band program.

Instruments: Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitar.

Styles: Blues, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Classic Rock, Theory, Composition, Singing/Songwriting.

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