Charlie Finlay (Sax, Flute, Clarinet)

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Instruments: Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Digital Music

Area of specialty: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Theory, Composition, School exam preparation

Charlie’s own musical education has been an ongoing journey driven by curiosity and the love of creating music. His approach to teaching music aims to spark the same level of interest in his students. He works with music that students already enjoy and helps them discover different aspects of that music starting from their level of understanding and their particular musical interest. Teaching in this way keeps students interested and playing music that they like and will eventually understand.


Every lesson is customized to suit each students’ goals whether it be preparing for a university audition or learning to play purely for enjoyment. Charlie’s lessons are well balanced covering all areas of music including technique, repertoire, melody, composition, harmony, rhythm, ear training, and improvisation and are all taught right from the very first lesson. Teaching in this way creates well-balanced musicians that have a greater more satisfying understanding of the music they create.


Education / Awards:

Charlie Finlay graduated from Humber College having focused on jazz performance, composition and later Post Production for film and television.
After graduating He was selected to participate in the Guild of Canadian Film Composers’ Apprenticeship / Mentor program where he learned from and worked alongside Robert Carli one of Canada’s in demand film / TV composers. Charlie has since scored several award winning films including Blood Pressure and Resight.


For decades Charlie has played with numerous musicians in many different musical styles such a deep house funk collective, King
Sunshine, KC Roberts’s funk / hip hop group KC Roberts & The Raw Blue, various jazz combos and Latin groups such as Orchestra Fantasia & Hilario Durand’s Latin Big Band. Different situations have required him to draw on his sight reading, improvisational, production, notation, theory, and compositional skills. Balancing his busy schedule between composing, teaching and performing always keeps things exciting.

A dynamic teacher who engages all of his students.  Charlie is a great advocate for music technology and uses a wide array of equipment in his lessons.

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